14 Simple Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Nail art has been turned into a vogue in recent times due to its high demand and popularity. To excel you in this segment, we are going to share 14 simple nail art designs for beginners in an elaborative way. Beautifully decorated nails not only foment your hands beauty but also define your personality as more stylish with a bold look. We have exhibited remarkable images with brief description in order to multiply the visitor’s exposure.

Simple Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Initially, nail paints in different colors were used to adorn finger nails. But with the revolution in fashion industry, the nail art specialists have introduced a wide variety of outstanding designs to exonerate feminine beauty. Above all, teenage girls always run to adopt new styles in nail art section. The basic thing you need to learn before implementing any nail art is to embody your nail shape appropriately. You can conceal the ruptures and weakness of your nails by coating them with superb designs but it is mandatory to file your nails in a specific shape first. There are lots of new techniques used to caress your nails with magnificent art designs.

You can take a small nail brush and gum to affix ready made nail art stickers which looks very amusing. Moreover, to add a sparkly touch, you can drizzle out shimmer over nail paint to beautify your slant fingers. To strengthen your nail, apply an opaque base coat over its cuticle before any nail art provision. Let us have a glance at the fabulous nail art designs with striking pictures to give you a clear projection.

Cute Ruffian Nail Art

One of the most advanced nail art nowadays is ruffian design. To get this idea, outline your nails in a proper figure. Now paint them with a thick base coat. Take black nail polish and dab a brush in it. Apply it smoothly in double coating to have a fine outlook. Let it dry. After it, take golden nail color and draw a curve moon shape across the base of nail. Repeat it with all finger nails and wait until it gets dry. As a result, you will meet a terrific outlook with your pretty hands.

Simple Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Strawberry Nail Art Design

Many girls love to paint their nails in seasonal fruit shapes which look very appealing. To incorporate this idea, you need to take red and green nail colors. First of all apply a white base coat over your nails to give strength. Now paint your nails in pure red color with a small brush. As it gets dry, formulate strawberry leaves shape across the origin of nail adjacent to its cuticle. Fine strokes in green color with top red give out a tremendous look to your beautiful hands. You can use liner tip to fabricate white dots over red area to make your nails just awesome.

Simple Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Spider Web Nail Art Design

Another very popular nail art among young girls is web shape design which looks unique and stylish. For this, you have to take a small piece of mesh or net fabric. First of all, dab your nails in a base coat. Now take any dark color of your choice and apply it over your nails softly. Now cut a piece of net and fix it over nail surface. Fill the net holes with shimmer or glitter and apply an opaque nail polish in the end to maintain this design for longer time period. This design will surely give you a glamorous and flashy outlook.

Simple Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Artistic Nail Art Design

Many girls tend to impart an artistic look in their personality by drawing nail designs in the same pattern. To acquire this idea, implicate a white base coat over your nails first. Now drop three droplets in pinkish shades ranging from strong to mild colors over white base coat. Take a wide faced small brush and swirl them in circular motion in the middle of nail surface. Let it dry. Resultantly, you will get a flamboyant view of your nails invigorating your iconic personality. You can absorb the details from the smashing pictures given below.

Simple Nail Art Designs For Beginners

To sum up above discussion, we can say that nail art has gathered wide recognition due to its innovative contribution towards fashion world. We hope that above mentioned creative ideas about easy nail art designs for beginners will be favorable for you. All the designs introduced here are easy to apply and gorgeous in its looks. If you want to make our work more commendable, we invite your noble ideas which will assist us to serve people ornately.

Image Gallery of Simple Nail Art Designs For Beginners is given below.

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