8 Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Do you feel embarrassed due to the unwanted body hair? Yes! Everyone does so. In this age of modernism, beings are more indulged in renewal. Hairs on skin are a matter of dejection now. For this, People rush to the surgeons in order to get rid of hairs. Although they do receive positive effects but hold on! it has side effects too. Before jumping to the side effects, there is a need to know about laser hair removal.

Image of Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal On Face

What actually Laser Hair Removal is?

It is a cosmetic process that perpetually removes the unwanted hair of body. Although, it is incredibly safe but side effects and dangers are associated with it. This post will be helpful for the patients in taking a right decision.

Side effects of Laser Hair Removal

Considering the side effects, fewer are temporary and fewer are permanent. Normally considered side-effects include:

  • Experiencing pain
  • Discomfort
  • Blistering
  • Darkening and lightening of skin
  • Itching

Severe side effects does occur and the patient has to be more careful about them. Hereare the permanent side-effects:

Severe Epideal Damage

In laser hair removal, there is a chance of severe epidermal damage. In this span, skin coloration may attack the patient.


Another rare but important side effect is infection. In order to avoid infection, a patient has to keep the skin clean otherwise after the treatment you could end up getting an infection.

Permanent Darkening of Hairs

The major function of laser treatment is to make the pigmentation area in a darker hairs. It may lead a patient in darker skin tone.

Hyper Pigmentation

Another side effect is expected, it mainly refers to the darkening of skin which a patient encounters after the removal. It may often stimulate melanin production that gives birth to another side effect that is defined next.


This side effect is contrastive in nature, the former one deals with the darkening of the skin and the latter one is associated with lightening of skin.


Scarring is also a probability in this case. It happens when the doctor is not well practiced in laser hair removal. Here, the doctors who administer the patient can make a mistake while performing the task.

Eye Injuries:

Laser hair removal might lead the patient in eye injuries. It is recommended to protect the eyes right before the treatment.


Burns occur when the skin absorbs the laser energy rather than the hair cavity. It depends on the skin of the patient. Burns occur on darker skin frequently because the darker kin grasp laser energy more readily. Majority burns are the results of unqualified doctors who are inexperienced and make fowl errors.

Think and Say Good Bye to Worries

Summing up the drift, although there is no standard for the licensing of hair removal technicians. This is all depends on the prospective patients who should use discretion. Avoid doctors that display inexpensive rates and ruin the life of patients. Anything that seems to be low-priced is not necessarily authentic.

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