Pakistani Latest Mehndi Dresses 2017

Pakistani Latest Mehndi Dresses 2015

If you just love wearing stunning looking dresses on mehndi we are sure that you will never going to miss out reading this article as well. All here we are highlighting with the latest mehndi dresses that are getting one of the most top famous and wanted ones inside the fashion lovers. There are many diverse kinds of trends that are being followed inside the mehndi dresses category. If we take ourself little bit into the past then we will going to catch that the brides and so as the girls favor wearing the yellow colored shalwar kameez on the occasion of mehndi. But now this trend has lost its importance to some extent because there are many other trends that are making up their big bash place in the hearts of women.

Pakistani Latest Mehndi Dresses 2017

In the very starting we will be allocating some of the pictures of Pakisani latest mehndi dresses 2015 for girls so that our readers can get slighest ideas about the mehndi dresses and their trends.


  1. Long shirts with churidar pajamas
  2. Long shirts with lehengas
  3. Shararas
  4. Gharaas
  5. Anarkali frocks
  6. Shalwar kameez
  7. Long tunics

Well just like the above mentioned trends there are many trends that are being followed in the mehndi dresses. Talking about the adornment of the mehndi dresses there is a huge difference in the decoration of the bride mehndi dress and ordinary mehndi dresses. Brides mehndi dresses is always highlighted up in the heavy embroidery and stone along with the dabka and motifs. Whereas rest of the mehndi dresses for girls are shared with the little beautification that is added with the mixed flavors of embroidery, stone, motifs, dabka and so many others as well.


Mehndi is just identified with the yellow color therefore in the past the brides used to favor wearing the yellow dress so that she can make her look different from others. But now in 2015 there are many other lovely colors that have been installed in the mehndi dresses. Such as:

  1. Yellow
  2. Blue
  3. Pink
  4. Purple
  5. Green
  6. Maroon
  7. Magenta
  8. Ferozi

So this was all about the mehndi dresses latest trends in Pakistan! We hope that all the way through this article you must have learnt a lot about the mehndi dresses and the way they are being style up in the fashion market.

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