Latest Abaya Designs 2018

Latest abaya designs have become a real symbol of elegance and fashion in this modern world. Women love to wear beautiful gowns or abayas in different patterns to have an outstanding outlook. The use of creative ideas, traditional themes, fresh colors and précised cuts are the distinguishing features of our collection. We have also displayed smashing images in this gallery to give you ideal perception for upcoming era of 2018.

Latest Abaya Designs 2016

Traditionally, abaya was started as custom among Arab women to hide their body but with the passage of time, the practice of wearing gown proliferated all over the world with immense recognition. Now it is regarded as fashion statement among young girls. In the beginning, the main color for abaya was black with simple stitching. But nowadays, it is available in a wide variety of fabulous colors and exclusive patterns which gives your personality a graceful and stylish impression. Unique embroidery along necklines and across the sleeves with laced scarves has increased its splendor.

Latest Abaya Designs 2016

The extensive work of sequins, beats, motifs and stones has given them an everlasting beauty. You can also wear these abayas absolutely for wedding functions with little embellishment as well. For Muslim women, it is the part of their religious norms while other females also love to wear these long gowns to have a stylish and modest appearance. Let us go through the following incredible abaye designs 2016 with fabulous pictures and read Modern Hijab Styles For Girls.

Latest Abaya Designs 2016

Kaftan Style with Front Knot

Kaftan is the ever green style when we talk about latest abaya designs 2016. But in this collection, we have introduced an extensive pattern enriched with fine embroidery along the cuffs and borders. The incursion of silk ribbon across the waist in knot style gives it a magical outlook. The gown is designed in double shirt approach the inner wear in a thick fabric while the outer is in delicate chiffon fiber. The neckline is in v shape which is highly trendy these days. As a result, the stitching style projects an amazing look.

Latest Abaya Kaftan Designs 2016

Layered Style with Open Sleeves

Another very classy design in this category is layered style with open or loose sleeves. To have an impressive look, you can wear this abaya with a striking hijab. In this design, the cutting is done in layered pattern which gives it a pleasant look. Apart from this, the loose sleeves are ornamented horizontally with black and silver sequins and threadwork which makes it alluring for many girls. Fashion designers make experiments and induce new lines and wonderful combination in this style every year. So you can carry these extraordinary designs to enhance your elegance for 2018.

Latest Abaya Designs 2016

Multiple Folds Design with Ban Shape Neckline

Many women consider ban shape neckline design best for abaya so we have added a tremendous style in this dimension. In this pattern, abaya is embraced with multiple folds or twists at the front which runs along the whole length of abaya. The folds are strengthened with a central metal brooch in the front side. The sleeves are adjoined in a chic fashion with little sprinkle of motifs. This design is available in various soft colors like pink, purple and apple green. Carrying this style will surely give you a terrific look. Let us check out the fantastic pictures given below.

Front Open Style with Patch Design

If you want to take abaya in two colors simultaneously, then go for this style. It gives you a stunning look in a fashionable way. In this style, dark and light shades are merged to give out an interesting design. The borders are decorated with contrasting ribbon piping. The gown carry either a side cut or middle cut with both sides open up till its full length. The inner fabric covers the whole body while outer fabric is adorned with little patches having buttons or stone work. Furthermore, ornamentation across the shoulders raises its fascination. You can wear it with a pretty scarf to have a catchy look.

To sum up our above discussion, we can say that abaya adds more value and style in your personality which augments your beauty. So choose the colors and designs which are in fashion to have an advanced look. If you want to make our efforts more commendable and effective, we warmly invite you to suggest your noble opinions in the box given below.

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