Jazib Qamar Latest Collection 2017 For Men

We have normally seen that there are very less number of fashion brands for men and hence very numerous fashion hubs are being launched for the women. Keeping this fact in mind a new fashion designer has been arrived in the fashion market named as “Jazib Qamar”. He is one of the newly arrived fashion designers that have gained back an enormous place in the fashion globe in just the starting of the least time period. Jazib Qamar has been offering with the clothing collections for the men only that travel inside the casual and formal wear. They make sure that their clothes are suitable enough for the young men and even the men of all the ages.

Jazib Qamar has just newly revealed out one of his trendy and well designed out latest collection 2017 for men. This latest has been superbly placed up for men in the eastern formations. This collection has been featuring out the kurtas that have been set in line with the shalwars and loose tights as well. The men are also left with the option of setting the kurtas with the jeans as well. This collection is implicating out the western look as well.

Jazib Qamar Latest Collection 2017 For Men

Jazib Qamar Latest Collection 2013 For Men 002

The collection outfits are alternated out as the best option for the men for the sake of happenings, get together functions and weddings as well. The embroidery has been completed over the neckline and cufflinks with the slightest addition of the prints as well. In the below article we will be sharing up some of the pictures of Jazib Qamar latest collection 2017 for men. The featured model for the collection shoot is Shehreyar Munawar Siddiqui and the styling has been done by Tariq Amin. The cinematography has been snapped by Haseeb Siddiqui. Don’t forget to catch up this fashionable collection right now…………

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