Home Remedies for Water Retention

Water retention has become a nuisance for women in this modern world. Today we are going to unveil 4 home remedies for water retention in a deliberate manner. Although there are lots of medical treatments available but they have short term effect with heavy cost.

It is easy to exercise natural ways to overcome this problem because they are reliable and yield positive results. We have also showcased remarkable images in the gallery with brief description to augment the visitor’s interest.

Home Remedies for Water Retention

Before putting the remedies in front of you, let us check out the causes of this discernible ailment. Water retention is a premenstrual syndrome that affects the girls due to sudden fluctuations in hormones. This hormonal imbalance creates burdens on the activity of liver which results in formation of water pools in lower abdominal area including ankles, legs and feet. Moreover, malfunction of kidney, heart, liver and thyroid glands also the potential contributor of this serious condition known as edema. The skin tissues get swelling and water accumulates in this area which deteriorates not only your health but also damage your beauty. Apart from this, dehydration, intake of excessive caffeine, alcohol, salt and smoking are the major causes of edema.

If timely actions are not taken to address this problem, it will result in fatal organ injuries. Right after recognition, you must alter your lifestyle by strictly following the home remedies given below.

Magical Effect of Garlic

Garlic has a great effect on fat dissolution which helps in reducing water retention in adipose tissues in human body. This useful herbal is easily found in our kitchen and daily use will dilute fats because it is an excellent diuretic in nature. It releases water as well as toxin from body by speeding up your metabolic activity. You can either chew few cloves of garlic or add it in your soup or food dishes. Regular use will help you to lose weight and clear urination which cures this daunting ailment.

Garlic Home Remedies for Water Retention

 Use of Yogurt

Another very instrumental ingredient to alleviate this disorder is by using yogurt. It is rich in protein which holds water and salt in blood vessels. Lack of protein causes leakage of salt and water in body tissues. Yogurt gives you a healthy boost of protein along with potassium. Regular use will result in quick recovery. You can take yogurt in the morning as well as before starting your meal. It has a tremendous impact to eliminate this ailment of water retention.

Yogurt Home Remedies for Water Retention

Intake of Diuretic Vegetables and Fruits

Aside medication, you should overlook your eating habits. Diuretic foods help to flush out toxic waste from body with release of urine. It also maintains water salt balance in the blood. You should eat leafy vegetables with fluidly fruits to reinstate your health. Diuretic foods include grapes, tomatoes, pumpkins, water melon, cranberries, lemon and pineapple. These fruits are embedded with vitamins and oxidants which expel toxic material from your body and fasten the activity of kidneys. Regular intake will be fruitful to annihilate this problem.

Home Remedies for Water Retention

Drink Plenty of Water and Avoid Salty Food

Sodium chloride is the major contributor of water retention in lower legs and feet. To eradicate this disorder, you should take plenty of water to dilute the stored sodium. Water also baths your body tissues which exterminates waste material out of body. Moreover, less use of salt in food will promise better outcome. Regular exercise and no alcohol will regenerate your dazzling personality.

Home Remedies for Water Retention

To sum up above discussion, we can say that water retention is no doubt an issue of grave concern especially for females. You will definitely feel the difference in your body weight and form by adopting these fruitful natural tips. We hope that above mentioned creative ideas about Home Remedies for Water Retention will help you to rejuvenate your health and beauty. If you want to make our work more pronouncing, we warmly invite your collaborative suggestions in the box given below.

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