Standing in the market and imagining something new. ‘’I should wear something unique something different’’, it is the first women’s thought while buying dresses. Now don’t get drowsy while roving here and there because we give you what you require .Gul Ahmed, a brand of spectacular, glorious and striking attire.This famous clothing brand was first introduced by one of the most legendary and honoured designer of Asia in the year 1952.If we talk about Gul Ahmed’s summer collection 2017, this is the most exquisite collection of the year .People need the best fashion, they want classy prints ,unique and gorgeous designs and they want it in reasonable prices .

It is generally and extensively anticipated that Gul Ahmed summer 2017 is included in the top clothing brands of Pakistan. Pakistan’s top brand Gul Ahmed makes cloths for both men and women

Human mind is easily affected by changes. Fashion is related to continues changes .It demands innovation and uniqueness.Gul Ahmed gives you effective and recherché qualities of cloth. The type of cloth and its quality is not compromis.Gul Ahmed gives you the best men’s gives you the best looks, trends and shopping picks for summer style. You can find kinetic designs, floral prints and don’t forget the new bamboo silk and Chantilly de lace. You can also find a lot in soya and organic silk collection.  Women need an extrinsic work of threads and motifs; we provide you outfits that are embellished with natural patterns and herbaceous art.


This year’s lawn collection is all about lively colours and charming art .This collection will stun you with its vibrancy in colours and diversity in scheme.

Our collection includes; la chiffon collection, the magnificent premium embroided collection, Chantilly de lace collection, the pulchritudinous trencia satin silk, bamboo silk and soya silk collection. Don’t forget the magnificent organic silk collection.

This time we also offer you trousers with long and short shirts. Gul Ahmed also provides extra sleeves and stoles .You can find stitched and unstitched both with fancy and casual designs.

Gul Ahmed stores contain some prominent works to make your eyes enthral. Gul Ahmed has always launched something new ,glorious and extraordinary .

 Murky darks shades have been put up in these tops, blouse and girls will be having these summer period tops and straight cut style trouser in the shadows of variety of colours. Summer clothes include of quit humble looking kurtas. Bright fabric and light and soft colour scheme is used.

Know don’t waste your time here and there because Gul Ahmed offers you what you desire. Come on and make your summer splendid with colours .Gul Ahmed also offer online shopping and shipping all over Pakistan so covering all cities all over the country shop to your heart’s content .With Gul Ahmed you will never miss out the latest trend.

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