15 Frozen Birthday Cake Ideas 2017

No matter what the occasion, a beautifully decorated cake always adds a splash of color and a sweeter touch to any gatherings. Here we are talking about some 15 creative frozen birthday cake ideas which will certainly enhance the joy of your celebrations. Frozen cake is famous for its top icing which is magnificently decorated in different themes. We have also added captivating images in this reference. Baking a frozen mouth watering cake is one thing but adorning it in artistic manner is more enticing. You can implicit an ever lasting impression by presenting icing cake with scrumptious topping. Initially, cakes were embellished in simple way with cherries or fruits but with the advancement, new edible items of various shapes and characters have been introduced which gain huge popularity worldwide. Frozen cake comes in various sizes and patterns including the layered cake, pillar cake and multi sticks cake.

These icing cakes are also formed in particular characters like Barbie doll and snowman to give an amusing look. After all, cakes are not only meant to be eaten, they are more delicious when they are admired. Not only the birthday gal but also the cake should grab the attention of entire gathering. First of all, you should decide the color theme of the party and embellish the chilled cake with these colors. Moreover, design the frozen cake according to the age and personal likings of the individual for whom you are planning a surprise. Let us go through the detailed discussion and fantastic pictures given below.

Frozen Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Disney Frozen Birthday Cake

One of the most plausible ways to add fun and play in the birthday party is by featuring a cake in Disney layout. Disney cartoons are the most fascinating thing for children so if you are preparing a cake for your kid, this type of cake will just rock. You can use edible light blue and pink colored little comic shapes made of marzipan or fondant to decorate the ice-cream cake. The upper strand of cake is usually embellished in an attractive way with the help of these exciting characters. A white topping with colored Disney items will make your cake more cherishing.

Cinderella Castle Fairy Tale Cake

Another very inspirational technique to decorate your frozen birthday cake is by creating adorable Cinderella castle over the topping layer. Barbie dolls or Cinderella in gorgeous frock is the alluring obsession for girls. You can choose an elegant doll house in cake shape to give an outstanding look. Apart from this, you can fix edible dolls in smashing colors over the cake to enhance the beauty of cake by enriching its taste. Let us check out the following tremendous pictures to clear these ideas.

Snowflakes with Chocolate Bunting Olaf Frozen Cake

You can add a chilly effect to your birthday celebrations by decorating your cake in palatable snowflake pattern. It gives a very pleasant and sweet look to the entire cake. You can use butter cream icing to draw colorful snowflakes over the first strand of cake while on the top layer; you can use a fondant snowman in white color to have an extraordinary look. Furthermore, you can use chocolate bunting all over the cake to have an enchanting delight. You can also join the two strands by generating an upstairs style with chocolate ice cream paste. This cake format is perfect for chocolate lovers.

Balloons and Edible Crown Frozen Cake

Another very enthralling way to decorate frozen birthday cake is by using golden or silver edible crown, ribbons and balloons along the chilled cake. These all items are easily made from fondant in different colors. You can spread various balloon shapes over the topping with the central crown to give a splendid appearance to the whole cake. Adding more value to the cake, you can fix the number decorated with edible buttons and ribbons exhibiting the age of birthday gal. On the other hand, the sprinkle of glitter can give a fancy and shiny touch to your delicious cake.

To sum up the above conversation, we can say that birthday carries immense value in one’s life so to make it memorable and amazing, focus your concentration on the outlook as well as the taste of your frozen cake. We hope that above mentioned brilliant ideas about frozen birthday cake ideas will help you to figure out perfect style for your celebrations. Please do not forget to comment our efforts.

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