40+ Cute Tattoo Designs for Girls

Tattooing dates way back to ancient times. As a form of body art, as a part of religious duties, as a formal process; tattooing has been done for a variety of reasons. When it comes to cute, simple outlines and miniature versions of incident looking flowers, cartoons and the likes stand out.

Today tattoos rank high in the different options availed by people when it comes to body art. There are a variety of tattoo designs for girls to choose from. There’s no need to limit tattoos designs to ‘tattoos’ only. People often search the internet for cool tattoo designs for girls to look up new and exciting designs. Instead one should search themes which are of interest to them. These would include Celtic symbols, gothic art, car logos or simply a caricature of some Japanese anime just to name a few.

The appeal of tattooing lies not only in the exquisite designs that can be inked. The fact that these designs remain permanent and hence count as an addition to the journey of life itself also plays a pivotal role.

Regardless of the dozens and dozens of tattoos opted for; here are some Tattoo Designs for Girls which stand out.

Hearts and flowers: These two symbols, with additions or subtractions, are the most opted for tattoos among girls. Some may get a plain outline of the heart shape or flower shape while others may get a detailed tattoo altogether with a background and multi toned shading, etc. However used, they make for some very cool tattoo designs for girls.

Flying birds and a quote: This tattoo actually looks quite stunning. The usual sizes are not bigger than 3.5 inches by 2 inches and from afar seem like specs. The design symbolizes freedom and power that soaring birds yield over everything below and a quote sums it all up. Sometimes a phrase or a single word is enough to get the meaning through. E.g. ‘imagine’, ‘eternal life’ and so on. Placement areas are the shoulder blade, below the belly or any open area. A big, wide area adds to a small tattoo’s allure.

Angel and heart: Girls feel emotions more than boys. Their tattoos usually exude this trait of theirs. The angel symbolizes the eternal powers above with the heart in its hand showing how it governs the forces and path of love. Different meanings can be taken which further adds to its charm through mystery. The tattoo is placed on the stomach usually since it is a bit large owing to the details required for the angel and the heart.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women

A butterfly metamorphoses within its cocoon. It is ranked at the top of insects as one of the most beautiful types. It seems Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women really does make for a viable choice. Usual designs include a bunch of fluttering butterflies or a single one done in detail. It can be a butterfly with a quote and/or a butterfly on flowers. The possibilities are endless. Same goes for placement. The wrist, ankle, forearms; anywhere is fine with size being the deciding factor as well.

40+ Cute Tattoo Designs for Girls

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