Annus Abrar Eid Collection 2017

Just few days back Annus Abrar Eid collection 2017 launched with its unique and amazing designs. This collection has been showcased just for the coming Eid ul Fitr occasion 2017 and yet it is coming out to be one of the most best collections so far right inside the marketplaces of fashion. Through this post we will be discussing about this collection at the best!

Annus Abrar is mentioned to be one of the top leading and one of the famous fashion designers in Pakistan fashion world. This brand hub designer has been linked with the fashion world for the last so many years. This designer has been best in offering with the women based clothing collections.

Annus Abrar Eid Collection 2017

The main product lines of the Annus Abrar collection line is included with the ready to wear, pret wear, casual wear and party wear collections. They do most often appear with the seasonal based collections too that has always grab the attention of the fashion lovers. This designer showcase its collections in the form of exhibitions and fashion shows. The way she designs the dresses with creative strokes in it have been each single time loved out a lot by the fashion lovers.

In this Eid collection 2017 Annus Abrar has been offering out with the coverage of the stylish and fashionable dresses designs. The collection line is giving out the traditional flavors of the dresses designs. Long shirts and medium length shirts have been set right inside the collection. Shirts have been set alongside the trousers and cigaratte pants. Plus each single dress design has been very much different looking from one another. The side of the borders, neckline areas and and front side has been all set with the embroidery and thread forms. The whole collection has been designed out according to the latest and newest form of the fashion trends.

Moreover, Annas Abrar has tried the level best that the fabric used in the stitching of the outfits would be premium and much high in terms of quality. Colors have been normally shaded in the soft and light blends that looks so wonderful. Women would love to wear this collection for the get together parties, Eid functions and gatherings. Annas Abrar collections are always reasonable in rates and so as this collection as well. Stop wasting time and be the first to catch this collection right now!

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