Pareesa‬ ‪Spring‬ ‪Summer ‎collection‬ 2018

Just couple of days back Pareesa spring summer collection 2018 has been launched out by chenone inside the fashion market and this collection is simply coming across to be the center of attraction. Pareesa has once again bring something unique and fresh in their collections that is a complete dedication for the upcoming summer and spring seasons. Are you ready to be the first to catch this collection?

Pareesa has been mentioned to be one of the well known and fastest running popular clothing brands of Pakistan. This brand has been involved in just giving out with the women based clothing collections that appears much during the time of seasonal timings. They showcased their so many collections through exhibitions too.

Pareesa‬ ‪Spring‬ ‪Summer ‎collection‬ 2018

In this latest introduced Pareesa spring summer collection 2017 the brand house has been featuring with the stylish and yet traditional designed dresses designs for the women of all age groups. Few of the dresses looks to be perfect for the teenage girls only because of the bold and bright fresh colors used in them. Collection is included with the trendier long shirts that are set with trousers or cigarette pants and duppattas. In few of the sections the shirts are stitched in medium length too. Pareesa has tried the level best to design the whole collection just inside the latest and newest fashion trends and style statements.

Apart from the dresses concepts as regard the embellishment of the outfits have been concerned then they are made beautiful with the print and embroidery work that is placed over the front side, borders and portions of the neckline. Elegance and graceful strokes have been added completely in the collection dresses designs that made it exceptionally eye catching. Soft and bright mixed color combinations have made the whole collection so catchier looking. You can think about wearing collection dresses as perfect for the family dinners, functions and get together events. It is all accessible for you at just reasonable rates by visiting Pareesa retail outlets.

Now moving to the end we will paste up some pictures from the album of Pareesa spring summer collection 2017! You will appreciate the way dresses have been designed out and set up with the gorgeous styling work. Go and be the first to catch this collection in hands!

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